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What Is the Best Epos System for Takeaways & Restaurants

looking for a proper EPOS system for your takeaway but don’t know what to look for? No worries! We’ve got you covered! Read the following article & get valuable insight into choosing the right point of sale system for your business! Move faster, earn more!

Taking orders using pen and paper and using old till systems and cash drawers are a thing of the past. Research has shown that more and more businesses have moved on to become digitalized meaning they are using POS (Point of Sale) or Epos systems (Electrical Point of Sale)  in their business. This move is large because by using an Epos system, businesses save money, time and reduce mistakes but most importantly it allows them to provide a better service to their customers. So you see it’s a win-win situation. POS systems help you create an end to end system by giving you a clear understanding of your customers behaviour and ensuring that you run your business as efficiently as possible. Research has shown that by having a good POS system you can save on average 10% annually.

After reading the above you are most likely on the hunt for a POS system, and there are a lot on the market which can feel overwhelming when you are making a choice. But what you need is not a plain POS system (till). You want a Retail management system.

They all claim that they are the best. So how do you choose?  Which features are essential for a Takeaway or Restaurant? We will look at some of the features a good Epos system used in takeaways and restaurants should have to help you grow your business. You will need to search better to find a profitable business partner for your business because most of them get commission and this cut your benefits down. However, there are companies which do not ask for commission and their ultimate goal is the progression of the business they take as for a partnership.

Key features of an applicable Epos system for a takeaway/restaurant that would help your business in a great deal are as following:

Difference between POS and EPOS

Cloud or Traditional ePOS System

Promotions and Deals
Customer Management

Transaction / Operation Time



Customer Database

Difference between POS and EPOS

Many people do not know the difference between POS and ePOS systems. It is widely known that ePOS systems are much more advanced and basically the higher-tech version of POS systems. The components of an epos system are; the till, printers, and touch screens.

WeeTech provides you with an epos system that will allow you to optimize and update your system in accordance with your business.

Cloud or Traditional ePOS System

A cloud-based ePos system relies on the internet to function as it hosts its databases online, therefore, you must have a fast and reliable internet connection at all times! Therefore if you lose your internet connection you cannot use the ePos machine. However, a traditional ePOS system stores all the data locally on its internal servers and this eliminates any dependencies on internet connections.

WeeTech will provide you with a traditional ePOS system which is more secure and suitable for Takeaways and Restaurants who cannot rely on flaky internet connections, especially during busy times. With our system, all maintenance can be done on the business premises and continuous support is available.

 Promotions and Deals

A good takeaway or restaurant will need to offer discounts, deals and promotions to attract customers to their shop as competition is rife in this market. This is why you need to choose a system which allows you to run these promotions easily from your system. And if you don’t have the time to manually update the prices, you won’t need too! WeeTech has a dedicated support team available who will remotely update your system remotely! You just need to ask and they will handle it all. It should be mentioned that if you accompany your system with a responsive website or creative app, you will reach your goals in having a sustainable business in a shorter time. So their platforms will give the best opportunities to display your ads and offers. App development includes mobile ordering app, custom web app and restaurant app in regard to the food industry.

Customer Management

A good Epos system must have a pared-down CRM, or customer manager as this is essential to the success of your business. We are all used to getting offers from big businesses, and there is no reason why a small business cannot create customer loyalty. Therefore you need a system which saves your customers information (with their permission of course). This will allow you to firstly target them with special offers and promotions, send them text messages and most importantly it will allow you to see which of your customers are returning and who is not which will allow you to improve your service. With WeeTech our Epos system is fully equipped with customer management software and this will allow you to improve your business greatly.

Transaction / Operation Time

A good POS system must always respond and operate in a quick and reliable manner. Customers coming to your takeaway or restaurant do not have the time or patience to wait for your machine to respond, or even worst to charge them the wrong price. This is why you need a fast and reliable POS system to process the orders and improve the accuracy and speed of order taking. It is paramount you are able to quickly conduct the transaction as speed will have a big impact on your business.


There is no point in having a system which is too hard and confusing to use. A good POS system must be user-friendly, and easy and fast for staff to be trained in how to use them. This way staff is less likely to make mistakes and more likely to use the systems.

The POS system provided by WeeTech is simple to use however it has all the features required in running a successful Takeaway and Restaurant. If you were to use a complex POS system you will be risking losing money on staff training, and the mistakes that will undeniably happen. However, by using a user-friendly POS system like WEEPOS you will save money, increase your sales, improve the speed of transactions and most importantly improve the experience of your customers.


There are many features in a good ePOS system which reduce the risk of human errors. Having an accurate and secure software like WeePos is essential as it is designed to be safe from theft, and it allows you to track your employee’s activities and even set up restrictions on access and actions for each user.

Customer Database

You need an Epos system which is fully equipped with software which will allow you to look up customers, see their previous orders and any notes about allergies they have, etc. This is essential for a successful business in the food sector as it will allow you to see which menu items are doing well, and which areas need to be targeted. This feature is essential for marketing. Research has shown that 66% of customers are likely to stop ordering from your takeaway or restaurant if they are not recognized as a loyal customer. Therefore it is important to use this data to your advantage and create promotions which target your customers which leaves them feeling satisfied.
The most advantageous aspect of having access to the customer database is having the opportunity to do advertisement and marketing. Text message campaigns appear as the most popular form of marketing in this way. 

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How Takeaways Can Increase Their Customers?

Would you have a running business without any customers? I think the answer to that is a big no! Especially in the Takeaway and Restaurant sector. This is why you need to make sure your customers have a high level of satisfaction from the service you provide. A happy customer means a loyal returning and customer and simply satisfied customer bring other customers in so eventually you will get more sales and more customers for your shop! Read on and we will give you some tips on increasing Customers for your takeaway or restaurant:

Table of content

  • Put in Place Promotions and Deals
  • Provide Better Customer Service 
  • Speed up Your System with Modern Devices Such as Epos, Printer…
  • Let your Custom Use Technology; Epos, Website & App er Give you Feedback
  • Be Payment Friendly & Provide Facility in Payment 
  • Stay Alert by Controlling in and out of Your Business
  • Extend Your Vision by Getting along with System Updates

Happy and returning customer is always more beneficial for any business. People share their experience in online forums and this builds the reputation of the business, therefore, the best way to increase the number of customers is making them satisfied. 

Put in Place Promotions and Deals

People like deals, research has shown that 40% of people who order from takeaways are looking for affordable eating options (Sacla, UK) This doesn’t mean you need to set all your prices low, it just means that you need to offer customers attractive promotions and deals. This will bring you more business and ensure that your customers remain loyal and return to your business.

Provide Better Customer Service 

You can provide the most high-quality food at the best price, but if your staff are not trained in dealing with customers then you will have a low customer satisfaction rate and customers will not return to your business.  This is why you NEED to train all members of staff in handling customers concerns and needs most professionally. Your staff must always present themselves as approachable whether this is in-shop or over the phone.

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Speed up Your System with Modern Devices Such as Epos, Printer…

In the Takeaway business speed is everything. Let’s be honest no one likes waiting for food, therefore providing a fast service is important in maintaining customer satisfaction. You need to invest in staff and the proper equipment required to keep up with orders and to deliver everything promptly. This is a definite way to improving customer satisfaction. In this way, Apps with creative designs and user-friendly interface would be considered as the best option.

Let your Custom Use Technology; Epos, Website & App er Give you Feedback

Customers who feel powerful are much more likely to become returning customers. Apart from that, they are the end-users of your service, therefore, their opinions and feedback are the keys to your success. It will let you see where you are going wrong and what you are doing right. You can do this by giving them surveys along with their receipts or via third-party applications. Many businesses fear negative reviews, therefore, they don’t give their customers a platform to complain. However, if you know what is going wrong in your business then you can make it right again! Currently, the best platform to hear from your customers are from Google, Facebook and other social media platforms. Having a registered website with a proper online ordering system would boost your sale in the shortest time!

Be Payment Friendly & Provide Facility in Payment 

Research has shown that the average person is carrying less and less cash with them (Paym), this is why you need to invest in an Epos system with integrated payments system which allows your customer to pay in any way they want. WeeTech integrates payment solutions to your epos system and our advanced technology improves your business efficiency which means a happy customer. We offer a variety of payment methods, including contactless, apple pay and android pay.

Stay Alert by Controlling in and out of Your Business

Nowadays, modern lifestyle has caused people to use more technological devices and approaches. No need to say that technology has influenced business from every level so business owners are looking to apply various methods and strategies to get the best out of these new trends. In the case of the food industry, website designs, app developments and having a proper EPOS system come among the first requirements. In finding a proper point of sale systems or tills, there are some critical points that every business should take into consideration. Please refer to our previous blog which is a guideline about finding suitable hospitality and retail systems for restaurants and takeaways.

Extend Your Vision by Getting along with System Updates

When it comes to run a business, vision is everything! But what is the vision? A vision is a vivid mental image of what you want your business to be at some point in the future, based on your goals and aspirations. Having a vision will give your business a clear focus, and can stop you heading in the wrong direction. Read more about business vision here.
Accordingly, having a proper vision will consider some aspects, a proper finance plan, rate of growth and defining a set of values are the most critical points to have a sustainable business. See better & Drive your business smoothly!