Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety tips for Bars and Restaurants

In the time of COVID-19 pandemic, the crucial factor marking the difference between your business and your competitors’ is the number and efficiency of safety protocols you observe. Although the NHS has announced that the possibility of contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19) through food is extremely low, people are still very cautious when they approach the subject of food prepared outside their home. To reassure your customers that you are aware of their misgivings regarding the preparation and delivery of their food, you must have a thorough and functional system. Below we have six simple suggestions that can put your customers’ mind at ease:



1.      Provide Contact-Free Deliveries


The front line of fighting against the spread of COVID-19 involves minimizing direct contacts between people. Contact-free delivery is the best tool to increase your revenues while keeping everyone safe. After checking that the packaging of the food is done according to the latest safety protocols it is the time for delivery. This brings us to riders in charge of food delivery. Restaurants should set up an isolated area for the riders and once there they should respect the required social distance of 2 meters from their colleagues. Another matter to consider is that there are many arguments against accepting cash payments. That is why all fee should be paid online, meaning that the rider will just place the order at the door and ring the bell.


2.      Provide PPE to All Staff


Remember that your staff are the public face of your business. This means that your customers will judge you based on the appearance and attitude of your employees. People’s first priority these days is the correct implementation of safety issues. To reassure your customers that you share their safety concerns and try to satisfy them, be sure to equip all your staff including your riders with proper PPE kits and enforce the unremitting use of it. You must also provide a sufficient amount of PPE equipment and make it available for your staff. (PPE is short for personal protective equipment meaning hand sanitizers, gloves, protective clothing masks, protective eyewear, antibacterial wipes for PDQ and etc.)


3.      Provide an Extra Disposable Underlayer for the Food


Given that your rider will leave the order at the door, you should provide and extra disposable underlayer for the food to avoid direct contact with the floor. This could be in the form of an empty pizza box, an empty packaging box or an extra carrier bag.


4.      Put Extra Underlayer on the Floor


You should acquaint your riders with the safe delivery protocols. This entails keeping 2 meters (6.5 feet) away from the door, avoiding from entering house premises and touching door handles. But before all that, they should put the extra disposable underlayer on the floor, place the food on top of it and knock on the door.


5.      Avoid Accepting Cash Payments at the Door


Cash is one of the major sources of spreading germs including the bacteria and viruses (COVID-11 and etc.). Omitting cash payments could have loads of benefits. Your customers will pay you online prior to the delivery, you won’t need to deal with giving back the change and above all, you will give the impression to your customers that their safety is your number one priority.


6.      Apply Sanitizers and Wipes after Every Delivery


After every delivery, make sure that your rider uses hand sanitizers and wipes all his car or bike’s touching surfaces with antibacterial wipes. This thorough and meticulous observance of safety issues will solidify your customers’ trust in you and your services. And when that happens your success is guaranteed!