Why You Need an Online Ordering Website

As international markets expand frantically on an ever-growing competitive market, there emerges an increasing demand for digitalization. This is nowhere more evident than in the food market where online ordering websites have caused a sea change in the very fundaments of the business. Not long ago people had to wait in long queues to place an order of French fries. But all that changed when we came to know online ordering services. Once customers tried one of these services and discovered the ease and joy of ordering online, they turned from sceptics to enthusiasts! No more fretting and sweating on empty stomach! Just lean on your velvety couch and order your desired meal from the comfort of your house! This is what the new-age customer craves for and if you fail to provide that, they will simply switch to another restaurant regardless of the better quality of your food! Then if you are in the restaurant business and haven’t already equipped your restaurant with an online ordering website, here are another five reasons why you should:

  1. Opt for WeeTech EPOS system and remain COMPETETIVE!
  2. It is completely COMMISSION-FREE!
  3. Grow Your Bottom Line
  4. Total Emission of Errors
  5. Challenge the BIG NAMES


1.      Opt for WeeTech EPOS system and remain COMPETETIVE!


Whether you accept it or not, the rule of the game has changed, radically and permanently! So, every day that you postpone the instalment of a fully-integrated EPOS system you are depriving yourself and your business of a great amount of profit! You are now probably wondering: “What is this EPOS you are going on about?” Well, EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale digital system. Simply put, EPOS is a computerized and digitized system that comprises all stages of the sale, widely used in most retail outlets from shops to cafés and restaurants. If you are experiencing a period of stagnation in the course of your business, it is most probably a result of inadequacy or a complete void of EPOS and online services. To break this deadlock you only need to contact us at https://www.weetech.co.uk/. Our colleagues at EPOS customer service will give you all the information you need on our three available packages.


We have designed these packages to address a wide range of online services. From cheap EPOS systems (basic EPOS equipment and software) to full package that simply covers it all! Depending on the package of your choice you will get an EPOS till system with touch screen tills and EPOS till manual, an EPOS label printer, takeaway till, EPOS cash drawer, cash register till, EPOS hardware and EPOS software, and full access to weekly, monthly and annual reports delineating the statistics and giving you a clear picture of the current state of your business.

We provide restaurant EPOS systems all across the UK. We also offer fantastic offers for the installation of EPOS in bars and EPOS for coffee shops. Coffee shop EPOS and EPOS for cafés are customized and beautifully designed to cater to your intended set-up. Our EPOS support team is available 24/7 to offer great EPOS solutions to any inconvenience that might come your way. Another piece of good news is that our services aren’t exclusively EPOS-related. We also provide you with invaluable information on how to reach your target customers. These marketing tips will put you on the right track and show you the bright path to commercial success. Don’t waste any more time, go for it and revive your business!


2.      It is completely COMMISSION-FREE!


Here at WeeTech, we offer one of the best EPOS systems available in the UK. Our EPOS services are especially popular in Edinburgh and Glasgow where our central office is located. One reason for this wide acclaim is our EPOS system prices. Cheap EPOS systems have garnered a bad reputation for being dysfunctional and difficult to use. But here at WeeTech, we are proud to announce that our services are very economical and superbly designed to assist clients in their respective business. And one last thing! You are probably sick and tired of all those big names in marketing demanding ridiculous commissions for their services. Another perk of entrusting your business to us is that our services are commission-free. We ask for no extra amount other than the fees agreed upon in our contract.


3.      Grow Your Bottom Line


Another advantage of using online services and EPOS for collections and takeaways is that people place larger orders when using online services. The latest research in food marketing (conducted by Restolabs’ research team) attests to the huge difference between the orders placed online and those placed in person, with the former being a staggering 20 per cent larger! There are many reasons for this. People feel more at ease when ordering food online, they don’t have to wait in lines, there are no bad-tempered people growling behind them and the online menu is often more detailed and comprehensive than the one on the restaurant table. Just think about all the ideas you can develop to make your menu more appealing to customers. They might even leaf through the appetizer and dessert sections and try something they have never tried before! All this means that your total revenue will boost like a rocket thanks to a few extra clicks!

4.      Total Emission of Errors


It is your restaurant’s rush hour. Your staff are doing their best to maintain the quality of service but it is simply impossible. A customer is angry because the waiter wasn’t quick enough in getting his order. Another claims that she hasn’t got the ordered meal. And when you add to this the complications resulting from phone calls and takeaways then all hell is let loose! This nightmarish havoc has come upon you since you don’t have an online ordering service nor an effective EPOS system for your restaurant.  These errors, however, are almost completely lifted if the restaurant offers online ordering services. Everything will appear to the last detail on the web. The customer is fully responsible for the accuracy of the information and whatever happens, you will get paid once the process starts.

5.      Challenge the BIG NAMES


It is important to remember that big names in business aren’t all about greater material capacities. Believe it or not, in most cases the distinguishing factor between a small business and a big one is the amount of energy and money they spend to promote their online services. Compete with big names in the food industry by starting your own customized online services. You will have your own takeaway menu design, your own personal space on the web and a user-friendly app to manage the entire sale process.  It will be smaller but much cosier!