In today’s world it is super important to stay ahead of your competitors, or at the very least to keep up with them because every customer counts. 

In this article, we will discuss why your customers would want an online food ordering app and the benefits it can have for your business! Mobile ordering is sky-rocketing and more and more people are moving away from traditional methods of ordering to using their mobile phones to order food.

Catch your customers where they are all the time, their phone!

Make life easy for your customers, let them order comfortably! Having an app on a customer’s phone ensures that you are always there, and they are constantly reminded of you! It’s one of the easiest and best ways of marketing yourself. Another reason is that you will make it easier for the customer as you will give them time to browse your full menu and order at ease! A chance they don’t have when ordering face to face.

Integrate your entire online presence and offline presence.

Having an online ordering app, more specifically having an app with a company like WeeTech means that your entire online and offline presence is integrated. Your website and app are both connected to your epos machine and printer meaning your orders come through automatically! Gone are the times where you need to check your emails to see if you have received an order or not. This integration improves both your experience and the customers as it means faster processing times, less human error and more ease!

Loyalty Programs mean returning customers

Having an online ordering app gives you the freedom to incorporate a loyalty program right into the app, this means as customers download your app and use it they will be rewarded points which will eventually lead to a freebie or a % off on an order! This will incentivise your customers to order more from your business, and it is a well-known fact that returning customers is the key to success for every business. 

Advertise, Promote, Upsell 

Apps are the perfect tool to use for advertisement, firstly you are very likely to grab someone’s attention when you send a push notification to their phone, this way you are reminding them to order from you with spending a little money, much less costly than old methods of posting menus through doors! Furthermore, you can promote certain products and even upsell easily through your app! By making suggestions when order is nearing completion your customer is more likely to add on extras! This means more profit for your business.


Research has shown that takeaways and restaurant increase their revenue by 50% on average when they invest in an online ordering app. This is because by having an online ordering app in your digital marketing package you will increase your takeaway reach in addition to giving your customers what they demand! With online ordering apps, you can offer location-based deals which will further promote your business to customers that might not have even heard of you!

Higher Employee Productivity

How much time do your employees spend taking orders on the phone and making sure they have not made a mistake? How many times has simple unavoidable human errors caused problems in your business? When taking orders over the phone there is a much higher chance of miscommunication. By having an online ordering app you will reduce the time your employees spend taking orders on the phone and most importantly you will reduce human errors which save money and ultimately your reputation as a business. Having an app which is integrated means the orders are sent straight to your printer, no miscommunication, no errors

Increase your Business

To have a successful business you need to cater to all sorts of people! These days in the younger so-called ‘millennial’ generation have moved on from placing telephone orders, they don’t like calling and speaking over the phone! They would much prefer to place an order using an app! You need to be convenient and cater to market demand! Having a seamless easy to use app means more customers approaching your business! And ultimately more money.

Building a database

Having a large customer database is essential for any business, especially in the food industry. When customers order through your app you have the opportunity to capture information such as their, address, email address, marketing preferences (all within GDPR of course) with this information you can create a database and communicate with your customers and encourage them to order from you! You can tailor loyalty programs to them and offer them deals and promotions when you are a bit quiet! The options are limitless. 

An Online Menu is easy to manage

Not only is it easier to manage an online menu it is also much cheaper! Need to make a change? Want to add a new product? Fancy offering your customers a new deal? Just call or email the WeeTech team and we will see to it right away! Now can you imagine doing the same with a paper menu? 

Stop paying commission

You may have read this article and thought that I do have an online presence I am on a third-party platform’s app! That may be true but how much of your takings do you pay? On average 15%? Is that fair? We believe it is not that’s why by having your app with us you will never have to pay commission again! Your customers come directly to you and you receive ALL the money!  So there you have it! That was 10 reasons in which we believe you should have an online food ordering app for your business!