Think Outside the Box with ‘OBA’

With ‘OBA’ there is no more

OBA, Contact-Free Smart Counter:

OBA is a Smart Counter which helps you get the orders from the website without waiting in a queue and allows your customers to pay with their smart devices.

You can strike a balance between work and time with this efficient Smart Counter.

OBA, Your Business Partner

OBA could be a valuable business partner to you. It is a Self-Service Technology, but unlike other similar technologies, OBA does not require any special hardware to be installed inside the shop.

Why should you have OBA in your business?

It will increase the turnover and orders and lessen the amount of work you have to do while orders are coming in.

This Smart Counter makes it easier to place orders without any queues.

With this option you'll save time, energy, and be able to handle more orders.

Additionally, you can serve a large number of customers with just one member of counter staff.